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What is an Ear-tip?

  • Ear-tipping allows a person to tell from a distance whether or not a community/feral/outdoor cat has been spayed or neutered!

  • A tipped ear saves the cat the stress of being trapped and anesthetized a second time.

  • Ear-tipping can also help anyone who is feeding the cats keep track of them, and notice if a new cat has joined the group!

  • Sometimes people have their indoor/outdoor cats ear-tipped so people don’t mistake them for strays. (Obviously we would rather that your cats are indoor only...)

  • The ear-tip doesn’t hurt the cats or effect their hearing abilities in any way. It is done at the same time as spay/neuter surgery while they are under anesthesia.

  • Sometimes at N2T we will have cats ear-tipped before we really know if they will be adoptable. It saves the hassle later if they do have to be returned outside.

  • Sometimes stray cats come in super shy, hissy, and a little unsure of humans, so we don't know immediately if we would have to place them in a barn home or not. A lot of the time they prove us wrong and the ear-tip just adds to their story!

  • Please don't let an ear-tip discourage you from adopting a certain cat!

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