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Cat Walking

Help! My Cat is Missing!

Oh no! We work off a waitlist and do not take random drop-offs like say a Humane Society, but we have some ideas on what to do!

  1. First thing you should do is to check EVERYWHERE inside your house - closets, rooms you don't normally go in, bathrooms, cupboards, etc.

  2. Check in ALL outside buildings you may have on your property.

  3. Look under your deck/porch, bushes, furniture, wood piles, tarps, etc. MOVE things!

  4. Next, talk to your neighbors! Look under THEIR decks/porches/bushes.

  5. Go out when it gets dark and use a flashlight to try to catch their eye reflection. Cats hide in RANDOM places and can fit anywhere they can fit their head into.

  6. No luck? Post on all social media - Facebook, NextDoor, and Pawboost! Make sure to have a GOOD photo of them, be SPECIFIC about your address/location, time and date they went missing, and give all details possible to help people help you bring your furbaby home! If you are local, email us your PawBoost link and we will post it on our social media.

  7. DON'T give up!

Other Tips

  1. Make sure your cat's MICROCHIP information is up-to-date! If they aren't microchipped, please consider getting them chipped when they come home so they can be easily be reunited if this happens again.

  2. SPAY/NEUTER your cats! Unaltered cats will roam looking for another to mate with. If your cat is unaltered...that is probably what they are out doing!

  3. Keep your cats INDOORS! We are contacted all the time about indoor/outdoor cats who have gone missing. Unfortunately, unless the cat is microchipped...the odds of them coming home are usually very low.

  4. Do NOT place their litter box outside. Doing so can actually attract predators, like coyotes, that will put your cat in danger. 

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