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We are always in need of foster homes that will take on moms AND kittens, abandoned kittens, single kittens, and neonates. Without foster homes, we cannot help as many kittens!

Do you...

  • Like kittens and their moms?

  • Have a separate space with a closed door to keep kittens and their mom? If you rent, you must have landlord permission.

  • Have transportation to take them to vet appointments? You must be okay transporting to OUR approved vets and to spay/neuter clinics of our choosing.

  • Have time to work with them to make them adoptable?

  • Have all your current pets completely vetted?

  • Have good communication skills? We expect you to send updates and photos to be able to get them adopted quickly.

  • Are okay allowing APPROVED adopters into your home to meet kittens?

  • Are okay to allow kittens to stay until they are adopted or 4-5 months old?

  • Are within 15-20 minutes of McDonald, PA. It is easier to get supplies to you and provide required shots to kittens. 

If you answered 'YES" to all of the above...Consider applying to be a foster parent to save tiny kittens who need a helping...paw! 


Time commitments vary from a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on the age of the kittens. 


All supplies are provided, you just need to provide a safe place and your time! We will support and guide you through the whole experience!

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