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What is FIV?

We are big advoCATes for FIV+ cats here at Nose 2 Tail Cat Rescue. FIV is a misunderstood disease and one of our goals is to eduCATe people about why you shouldn't pass over a purrfectly good cat because they have FIV!

  • FIV stands for "Feline Immunodeficiency Virus"

  • FIV is a retrovirus that compromises a cat's immune system

  • FIV is NOT transmissible to humans!

  • FIV+ cats can live VERY LONG comfortable lives, some may never show signs of the virus at all!

  • FIV+ cats CAN live with FIV- cats as long as everyone is spayed/neutered

  • FIV is transmitted through DEEP bites wounds from an infected cat - unaltered Toms fighting over territory and/or aggressively mating with a female are the most common ways FIV is spread

  • FIV CANNOT be spread casually through sharing food, water, toys, litter boxes, mock fighting, scratches, sneezes, or mutual grooming

  • Spaying and neutering is KEY to preventing the spread of FIV

  • Every FIV+ cat deserves a loving home because FIV cats are Pawsitively ADOPTABLE!

Become a FIV+ AdvoCATE by purchasing one of our t-shirts featuring our FIV+ cat, Wednesday! 

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