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Help! I Found a Kitten!

If you find kittens, your first instinct might be to rescue them. But, usually it isn't in the best interest of the kittens! 

First, ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Are they in IMMEDIATE danger?

    If they are in a dangerous locatio

    Are they have been abandoned by mom and are 4 weeks or younger, are cold or sickly looking? 


  2. How OLD are the kittens? See helpful chart below!

    Newborn - 4 Weeks Old?
    If the kittens appear healthy and comfortable 
    you can safely wait 4-6 hours for mom to return. 

    5-8 Weeks Old?
    If the kittens appear healthy and comfortable 
    you can safely wait 8-10 hours for mom to return.  Provide a safe space and food/water.

    Monitor them, try to see who the mom is, where she goes, and then reach out for help and advice

    Over 8 Weeks Old
    They have been weaned from mom and are old enough to be without her! Time to get them spayed/neutered (mom too!) and either start socializing to find forever homes or TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return) them.


  3. Where is MOM? If she is around, is she friendly or feral? Mom is their best caregiver! A rescue is much more comfortable taking a friendly mom and kittens. Feral moms are best left outside with their kittens in a safe space with food/water provided.

  4. What can YOU do? Are you willing to transport? Donate toward care? Trap? Foster? 

Always have a plan before taking action!!! Moms and their litter of kittens are MUCH easier to find a foster for than bottle babies. Bottle babies are so much work and it’s A LOT to ask someone to do. Friendly moms are a lot easier to find foster homes for, but you will want to TNR feral moms so she stops having kittens!

Do you have answers to the above questions? Ready to make a plan? Please EMAIL us to see if we have an available foster home or give you guidance.


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