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What are our adopters saying about us? Read for yourself! 

Floating Cats

Kiersten G.

Adopting from Nose 2 Tail was such a great experience! I was nervous as this was my first time adopting on my own. Sandi took the time to talk through each of the cats personalities to ensure I was selecting the best match. The facility is so clean and the cats have such a great environment to wait out their forever homes. Sandi and team show how much they care about each cat through their detailed knowledge of them and selective adoption process. Definitely consider them for your future adoptions!

Anne B.

I adopted a 9 year old kitty from N2T in October 2019. Since I had never adopted an adult cat before, I was a little nervous, but the N2T team were super supportive and allowed me a lot of alone time with Darcy, which helped her come out of her shell and warm up to me. They really know what they are doing, the cats are well cared for, the shelter is clean.. and they love the kitties, which I think helps to transition them to their forever homes. Thanks N2T!

Floating Cats

Kristen M.

Sandi and the team at Nose 2 Tail were the absolute best when we adopted our two fur babies. You can tell how much everyone there genuinely loves these cats and takes the time and energy to give them all the best life possible. They were so helpful and even followed up to make sure we were all doing all right. Thanks to everyone at Nose 2 Tail, we got two life long best (furry) friends and joined an awesome extended cat family.

Susan F.

My husband and I lost our cat this past September at the young age of only 7 due to cancer. When we decided it was time to welcome a new fur baby into our home, my friend referred me to Nose2Tail Cat Rescue. I searched them online and applied and what I really liked is that they even contacted our vet. That shows how much they care. When we went to look at the kittens/cats, the facility was clean and the volunteers were friendly and very knowledgeable and most of all you could tell how much they truly love their kittens and cats that they rescue. They are well taken cared of. We ended up adopting a kitten (now almost a cat) and she is wonderful. We took Annabelle to the vet after her adoption and the vet said she was a perfect healthy kitty. We highly recommend Nose2Tail! 

Floating Cats

Michael B.

Me and my wife where just getting over losing our long time cat that got very sick very fast. She was 12 years old at the time. Did not know if we wanted to get another cat, but then I saw on Facebook N2T had two cats that the owner could not keep anymore and turned into N2T, to find new homes for. They were older and N2T were hoping they would be adopted together but the kitties would under stand if that did not happen. That post for them tugged at my heart. Could not see these two separated. So we filled out the paper work to adopt them. This is how we got Goldie and Pookie. We could see N2T really cared who they were letting adopt there cats. Then about a year later we saw a kitten that looked like a mini me to Pookie and she had a bonded sister. So that is how we got Nora and Dixie. Then after that there was Hodor. This poor boy was returned multiple times to the rescue and needed a permanent home. So this is how we ended up with number 5. N2T has been great to us in getting our 5 cats. They need support for all the good they do to help out the kitties, we use Amazon Smile and list them as our charity. I'm very glad that after all the hard times over the last year they are still able to give the same care to all the kitties they have.

Amber J.

After the loss of our 21 year old cat, my husband and I were shown a Facebook post from Nose2Tail with a 14 year old calico who’s owner had gone into assisted living and couldn’t take her with him. I fell in love and started speaking to the shelter. I was a little nervous because I still had a 14 year old cat at home and I’ve never had to integrate 2 adult cats. Everyone was so helpful and made sure all humans and all cats had a plan in place to make the move in as smooth as possible.
I had such a positive experience with the shelter that I actually started fostering orphaned kittens for them. I eventually foster failed with one of the slightly older kittens that was too nervous for the shelter setting.
This shelter works tirelessly to give these cats an enriching and healthy loving environment at the shelter and does a lot of foot work on the adoption to make sure the adopters and the adoptee are the perfect match for each other.

Floating Cats

Katie G.

We have been fortunate to adopt two wonderful fur babies from N2T. Not only do they ensure wonderful care is taken of the cats prior to being adopted, but they worked with us to make sure whoever we adopted was the perfect fit for our family and we were the perfect fit for the cat. I cannot recommend them enough!

Rachel B.

I adopted my cat from Nose 2 Tail in 2019. He was an abandoned kitten at a construction site who needed to be bottle fed, which requires so much time and care. Thanks to his great foster and treatment at Nose 2 Tail he is a sweet, healthy, snuggly little guy now! I could not be more grateful for the start in life he received at Nose 2 Tail and the time they take to place each cat with their perfect forever homes.

Floating Cats

Shelly O.

I am a cat momma of 2 sisters from Noes 2 Tail. I have to tell you how nice and patient the staff are. Sandi had me go and meet the cats before I made my mind up. I am so really thankful for her suggestion. I adopted 2 great cats one is out going and one shy one. All I have to say is WOW all the people that give their time to the rescue are angels from God. Thank you for loving these babies. Hugs and thanks for my babies that I have. They have really been a saviors for me.

Charlene B

We adopted 2 cats who came from a hoarding situation. They are the best... really changed our family for the best!! Nose 2 Tail has so many people who care about the cats. They work hard to treat the cats like family and provide necessary vet care for them.

Floating Cats

Izabel F.

Me and my fiance adopted our beautiful boy Toblerone (original name was Toby and that is now his nickname) in 2019. We went to look at cats and he was so scared of new people and was there for over a year when we asked about him. They really hold onto cats and love them even if they aren't adopted for a while which shows their dedication. He was scared at first but climbed up in our bed purring first night, he is best friends with our pet rabbit, and loves watching birds out the screen door! He is the best choice we made for our little family and we are looking to adopt from here again after we buy a house within the year.

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