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    About Us   

We are a 100% donation and volunteer run no-kill cat rescue located in McDonald, PA.

We are constantly caring for 20-40 homeless cats and kittens at a time.


We also work to decrease the overpopulation and euthanasia rates of cats and kittens through education and adoption.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue organization. Our Federal EIN is 81-4847022.


Floating Cats

So you want to adopt a kitten or a cat? Cool! Thanks for considering us for your new furry family member!

Floating Cats

We always need cat care items and cleaning supplies, among other things!

    Fast Facts    

  1. We are ALL volunteers! Like many people in rescue, most of us work full-time jobs (or even 2 jobs) and do this in our free time. We are a pretty small group and all work hard to care for our kitties!

  2. We do what we can with what we can! Because we are all volunteers we know we cannot help every situation. But we can at least give advice and direct people to other resources!

  3. We are 100% donation run. Without our tremendous supporters, N2T wouldn’t exist. You can donate in a variety of ways found on our Donate page!

  4. We try to find THE BEST homes for our fantastic felines. Not every application gets approved as we are not in this to shove cats out the door and meet a quota. Our goal is to find forever homes that will take the best care of our kitties once they leave our care!

  5. We don’t use cages! This limits the number of cats we can have at any one time. Which is why we have a waitlist. Having a waitlist also helps keep cats in homes as people tend to figure out the issues or have a change of heart with a little extra time to think about it!

  6. We are NOT a vet clinic! You can find more information on low-cost clinics HERE

  7. Sharing our social media posts and telling your friends and family about us helps us reach more people!

Floating Cats

We are always need of foster homes who will take on moms AND kittens, abandoned kittens, single kittens, and neonates. Without foster homes we cannot help as many kittens!

Floating Cats

We appreciate the love of wanting to help cats, but because we are ALL volunteers (most of us work full-time jobs too!) we can only accommodate so many people at a time. 

Head to our Volunteer page for more information.

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