Wednesday - Female - Age 7



Likes: Passive Cats, Adults, Older Children

Dislikes: Small Children, Aggressive/Energetic Cats

Not Sure: Dogs


Wednesday was found on the side of the road shortly before Halloween. She was so badly injured that the vet wasn’t even sure she was going to make it through the night. If she did survive, the rescuers were told that she was going to need to have one of her front paws amputated because of the extent of one of her numerous injuries.


The rescuers called us to see if we would be able to help. Knowing we’ve had difficult cases like this in the past that have turned out well, we wanted to try to help this little girl.


Our friends, Chris and Maribeth from The Cat Whisperers, volunteered to foster her for us and had their vet take a look at her.


Dr. Hill from Green Hill Veterinary Care was able to treat her infections and injuries, and will a lot of TLC from Chris and Maribeth, she was nursed back to health and has completely regained the use of the paw she was expected to have amputated!


She’s still a little girl and we are working on fattening her up! She has probably lived most of her 7 years of life on the streets and definitely loves having a good meal, especially wet food, in a warm, dry home. Wednesday is FIV+, but we expect her to live a long, healthy, normal life. She would do the best in a quieter home, with adults or older children, and maybe a calm cat companion. We do not recommend a dog home for her.

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