Commander - Female - Age 4


Likes: Passive Cats, Adults, Older Children

Dislikes: Small Children, Aggressive/Energetic Cats, Dogs


Commander is a super special girl who has been with us for quite some time as we figured out her anxiety issues. Commander is considered a special needs cat who will need daily medication and patience. 

She is a great lap cat and she has a fantastic personality!! She is very mellow but perks up when she hears that treats are being passed out. 

She will need a very special person who will provide her with everything she needs to manage her anxiety including her daily medication. DOSES CANNOT BE MISSED. 

She will need to go to a home with NO children or dogs, she gets along fine with other cats as long as they are mellow and not dominant. Our volunteers have grown very attached to this beautiful girl and we will be very fastidious when reviewing applications.

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