Cricket - Female - Age 2



Likes: Passive Cats, Adults, Older Children

Dislikes: Small Children, Aggressive/Energetic Cats, Dogs


his gorgeous girl has been with us for over a year now. She’s very special and is looking for her very special human. Cricket has had quite the journey with us as we had to understand her. It took months. She was not happy when she first came to us. She would hiss and swipe at volunteers and growl and scream. Yes...scream. We tried everything. We tried different rooms, we tried pairing her with different cats. We tried isolating her. It was exhausting. Volunteers were afraid of her, but we had hope. Then one day, everything changed. One of our volunteers and board members, Kristin, who comes every so often, went into her room after we explained the situation. Next thing we knew...Cricket was ON HER SHOULDER LOVING ON HER FACE!!So, then our assistant director walked in to test her with a different person and Cricket jumped on HER shoulder, loving on her face! It was AmAzInG!!!From then on we figured out more of her personality as she now allowed us to touch her without her freaking out. Since she has been with us we discovered that she is easily overstimulated (other cats, loud noises, too many people, small children, etc), we have learned what her different meows/hisses/screams mean, and of course what her favorite treats are. She really is such an incredible cat and has such a great personality, she just needs a VERY particular home.  

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